Essentials are invisible to the eye

I almost lost everything thrice because of my inability to communicate effectively. What comes with loss is trust and the ability to surrender. After miles and miles, going over cobbles, boulders and stones, I met up with my source again.

Realizing my energy had been fragmented due to the demands I had put upon myself, I wondered: Who else could I be? What else could I do? Where else could I go? Why else was I here? How else could I share my passion, my qualities, my competencies? That’s when I focused on the purpose: simply being.

The answer came instantly in a classroom. In the year 2003, the students present in my classroom gave me immediate feedback and inspired me back to well being. I have experienced many miracles since then. The starting point as a facilitator: We all have knowledge, therefore we know and by sharing what we know we can come to a higher level of knowing.

Today, I integrate my energy and efforts into all of me by sharing with my heart and energetically. In short, I am choosing to show my light to everyone transparently.

Reminiscing over space and time, I listen to James ‘open mind for a different view’. YES, nothing else matters.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters(S&M)