The sea, its force reminds me of letting go and the leaving of my child.

A freshman, she is now close to the sea. By tide, she’ll come and visit for weekends.

But soon after, she ebbs away and spreads her wings again.

My only child, I return to memories seeing her for the first time. I realized then, she is neither an extension nor a clone of my being. Too soon she has revealed her own unique self. I am just on shore helping her be that way. No child willingly follows in the steps of a mother or father. The intent is not to keep but to treasure the little time granted to teach, to nourish, to encourage and to empower the child to fly.

The years seemed endless but now the tide carries forward time. Ebb’s quick to set in. Minutes, moments of washed up hellos and goodbyes wash away rememberings of the raising of a child to a young woman, my centre.

The sound of the sea is stifling; I am drifting to the isle of a new phase. Slowly the sea is growing on me. At night, I wish I was an albatross gliding, to see how she is doing…

Yet, the stars glitter to let me know, it’s all right, she is sleeping under the same moon.