First impressions are crucial for investors.

Finding the ‘right’ investor takes courage, commitment and a critical review of the facts on Product, ROI, and the Opportunity granted.

Investors are easily distracted. They seek a partnership for optimization of growth and profitability.

BBC’s ‘The Dragon’s Den’ will give you a general idea of what to expect.

In order to humanize the experience, I prefer poetry for placing ‘the dragon’

into a more personal perspective:

The dragon

The dragon is mighty he stands tall and erect

He squeezes his eyes and spits fire for effect

Keenly calculating using all of his senses

His game is enchanting, or is he putting up fences?

Knowing the power it takes to succeed

Convinced of his right, you better take heed

For he shares very little of his brightness and light

How can he, alone he is strong like a knight

This display easily fools those who cannot surpass it

If your quench for approval and love won’t allow it

Desire only heightens the fire!

Why does he fly when the prey comes to close?

Will they sense his weakness or his longing to hold?

A knight in flight?

To sleep in his arms to lay still and caress

To nurture the child deep within that is quite the quest

Could he, would he lay his flesh unto mine?

Would he, could he feel our blood flow in rhyme?

Pride fills my spine but I have to admit

I would die for this fire and get burned by his kiss.

Inspired by ECO