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Communication Realization Posted on 22 Dec, 2010 20:44

Ingredients (serves 2-4)

1 tablespoon of conversation oil

1 or 2 opinions – chopped

2 cups of clarity

1 cup of synergy

1 pound of perspective (fresh)

3 cups of respect for a different point of view

Fresh leeks (not necessarily the Wiki kind)

¼ teaspoon of grated truth

2/3 ham questions – minced into who, what, why or when, where and how?

3 Liebig or Love cubes to add interest in what the other has to say

Smile and add passion to spice taste


In a medium pot, sauté opinions in conversation oil until soft. Remove from heat.

Add clarity and synergy and bring to a boil. Add fresh perspectives, plus respect for a different point of view.

Retain sufficient eye contact throughout the process of cooking (remove false lashes) and cover all ingredients. Include leeks. Simmer for 30 minutes, or until everything is clear.

Add grated truth, then puree through a context strainer.

Next, throw in the ham questions, adding more if needed, making sure everything is covered. Bring back to a boil and cook uninterruptedly, until there are no questions left,

1 hour at least.

Season with Liebig or Love cubes and blend in smiles; add passion to spice up taste.

Once the soup is a clear liquid, reduce heat. Let stand so it will thicken. Check if all ingredients have sunk in, and serve.

Nutritional Information

Amount per Serving Calories: 20 | Total Fat: 11g Cholesterol: 0mg

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Communication is seeing

Communication Realization Posted on 31 Aug, 2009 21:18

The sea, its force reminds me of letting go and the leaving of my child.

A freshman, she is now close to the sea. By tide, she’ll come and visit for weekends.

But soon after, she ebbs away and spreads her wings again.

My only child, I return to memories seeing her for the first time. I realized then, she is neither an extension nor a clone of my being. Too soon she has revealed her own unique self. I am just on shore helping her be that way. No child willingly follows in the steps of a mother or father. The intent is not to keep but to treasure the little time granted to teach, to nourish, to encourage and to empower the child to fly.

The years seemed endless but now the tide carries forward time. Ebb’s quick to set in. Minutes, moments of washed up hellos and goodbyes wash away rememberings of the raising of a child to a young woman, my centre.

The sound of the sea is stifling; I am drifting to the isle of a new phase. Slowly the sea is growing on me. At night, I wish I was an albatross gliding, to see how she is doing…

Yet, the stars glitter to let me know, it’s all right, she is sleeping under the same moon.

Communicating = Competing

Communication Realization Posted on 16 Jul, 2009 15:01

From the moment I was born, I have been communicating.

I was raised in a small farming community back in 1962.

My first communication with animals was with pigs.

I remember their grunts, growls and their squealing, informing people or

other pigs that trespassing is going on. After all, their territory is manmade.

Meaning: man grants mammal a certain amount of square meters and decides on their time, their space and their place.

My memory reaches far back in time when, as a toddler, I fell asleep in a hog barn.

The lamps above the pig’s cots made me sleepy and tempted me to lie down among the newborn piglets.

I felt secure close to their mother, while my own mother obviously lost me in the hassle of every day chores.

I remember the smell of excrements, the dried up blood and afterbirth while the fresh hay stuck through my t-shirt. My skin was pierced but I did not dare make a sound. The sow accepted my presence since I was not interfering. That is when I discovered the power of non-verbal communication.

I sharp howl of “FOUND HER!” interrupted my sense of just being. The neighboring farmer obviously found out where I was when he discovered my red t-shirt among the pink masses.

It became clear to me then: not making a sound leaves people wondering where you are!

The man grabbed me up from underneath and simultaneously; the piglets got startled and screamed in anguish by this interruption of human hands. The sow was not amused and channeled her anger at the boots of the man who grabbed me up and she bit him. I was then quickly returned across the street to my human home.

In this case, the messenger was shot instantly.

While competing with other entrepreneurs in a competition called New Venture I was strapped to the boot of a boar bitten by a sow. I shouted out loud about my passion, my purpose and was put in a place of serious doubt. The jury’s comments were critical and left me with a series of questions wondering what the financial return on investment would be. After all, investing in serving human capital through communication is hardly affected by emotional display.

My opening statement: “Necessity is the mother of invention”, a derivative quote from Plato, has had enormous impact on getting my business started, yet the Unique Selling Proposition remains:

Providing English as a Global Communication Tool for World Citizens Today! Retention! The deciding factor of objective and subjective filters on human output of second language acquisition! Integration of touch technology in order to communicate purely and effectively! And the speed at which I can deliver!

I feel lucky today to realize a transformation which would have remained unnoticed if I had decided not to compete. Words, however, are meaningless if they are merely a showdown of human emotion. And I realize, communication is never deceiving.

When bad news is whispered, good news sounds louder still. Both are worn by a coat of perception. Whether sender or receiver and his or her personal interpretation, whether man or beast, relating to any given situation, silence & sound are evidence of power.

In short, any form of communication has an element of competition: expecting return. After all, the communication process is cyclical and anticipating is not making assumptions about the other being. Either way, in my personal framework of reference, my memory did not serve me right: I AM FOUND but not OUT!

My business Communication-Realization will sustain as long as I am willing to serve its sound!

It’s all right now, in fact, it’s a gas!

I am jumping jack flash it’s a GAS, GAS, GAS!

One aim One heart One eye

Communication Realization Posted on 03 Dec, 2008 12:10

Essentials are invisible to the eye

I almost lost everything thrice because of my inability to communicate effectively. What comes with loss is trust and the ability to surrender. After miles and miles, going over cobbles, boulders and stones, I met up with my source again.

Realizing my energy had been fragmented due to the demands I had put upon myself, I wondered: Who else could I be? What else could I do? Where else could I go? Why else was I here? How else could I share my passion, my qualities, my competencies? That’s when I focused on the purpose: simply being.

The answer came instantly in a classroom. In the year 2003, the students present in my classroom gave me immediate feedback and inspired me back to well being. I have experienced many miracles since then. The starting point as a facilitator: We all have knowledge, therefore we know and by sharing what we know we can come to a higher level of knowing.

Today, I integrate my energy and efforts into all of me by sharing with my heart and energetically. In short, I am choosing to show my light to everyone transparently.

Reminiscing over space and time, I listen to James ‘open mind for a different view’. YES, nothing else matters.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters(S&M)