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Connecting Posted on 30 Dec, 2011 18:27

Talk to me tree; tell me it is not too late

Why then my Cree would be to suffer

As silver figs when cut and carried

Tribes follow no single tragedy if not by fate

Salvare me, I offer you humbly my woes

In this soil I am singing making it moist

Sink me deeper blink if you see savior

I am trying to grow roots again but say nay

To my return, this forest has been winking

Its density is hardly pine yet reflections of winter

Keep me searching needlessly for its softness’ is in the

Splintered wood keeps on following my trail and track

This darkness, mine is leaving me spinning

Sometimes she is like Titus unwinding my beginning

Tell me tree, to which way do I keep?

Gregariously, time and place their wrinkles on my face

Greeting me here in the arriving

Light my entrance and exit send me a raven

To help me break my fall

In knowing there’ll be comfort for my blistered

Since I’ve pulled the Phoenix from the fire

Rising Raven as my ally, her eloquence

I’ll honor every cry and take my fierce mask off

Wise with pain, my pleasure in defending

This territory can I reclaim my longing then?

Translate for me, tell me tree wills me

Remove the barriers and dig up my roots again?

Is faith a groundhog underground and does

The future store a tale of nightingale that speaks to

Carve me tree, make me transparency

Fine tree, I know I am asking for quite a bit

It’s in my name and standing here sincere

I seek wings good tree, so I can rest my case

Else, let me at least carry one of your own, a cone

I’ll return home, not doubting the sweetness of your seeds.

Composed by Elisabeth Margaretha Maria Dols

Communicating = Risk-taking

Connecting Posted on 04 Nov, 2009 14:36

First impressions are crucial for investors.

Finding the ‘right’ investor takes courage, commitment and a critical review of the facts on Product, ROI, and the Opportunity granted.

Investors are easily distracted. They seek a partnership for optimization of growth and profitability.

BBC’s ‘The Dragon’s Den’ will give you a general idea of what to expect.

In order to humanize the experience, I prefer poetry for placing ‘the dragon’

into a more personal perspective:

The dragon

The dragon is mighty he stands tall and erect

He squeezes his eyes and spits fire for effect

Keenly calculating using all of his senses

His game is enchanting, or is he putting up fences?

Knowing the power it takes to succeed

Convinced of his right, you better take heed

For he shares very little of his brightness and light

How can he, alone he is strong like a knight

This display easily fools those who cannot surpass it

If your quench for approval and love won’t allow it

Desire only heightens the fire!

Why does he fly when the prey comes to close?

Will they sense his weakness or his longing to hold?

A knight in flight?

To sleep in his arms to lay still and caress

To nurture the child deep within that is quite the quest

Could he, would he lay his flesh unto mine?

Would he, could he feel our blood flow in rhyme?

Pride fills my spine but I have to admit

I would die for this fire and get burned by his kiss.

Inspired by ECO


Connecting Posted on 16 Jul, 2009 22:08


I. What does the word ‘communication’ mean to you personally?

II. Relating to your personal experience, can you describe a memory or a pivotal moment/situation in which communication surfaced as an overall theme?

III. On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate yourself as a communicator?

IV. What do you think your team/family/friends would say about you, if they were in your place now? How do you think they would rate you as a communicator?

V. If you were asked to give a synonym for communication, one word only, what would it be?

VI. From a professional point of view, how does communication affect your daily work? In other words, how does it affect your career objectives? Your ambition? Your interaction with colleagues, professionals, employees?

VII. What frustrates you the most in your role as a ‘communicator’ (read, colleague, father, mother, brother, sister, partner, friend)?

VIII. Which aspects of communication (verbal and non-verbal) are you most passionate about and why?

IX. Which areas of communication would you want to improve in?

X. Reflecting on your personal development thus far (your growth: past & present) how effective are you, or have you been in communicating your goals, your knowledge, your desires, your hopes, your dreams?

XI. Has there been a change in how you communicate now as opposed to how you have communicated in the past, when you were younger?

XII. Has there ever been a time when you were unable to communicate effectively? What happened and what did you do to save the situation?

XIII. Can you talk about the toughest challenge you have faced in your life/career to date? What was it and how did you communicate during this opportunity for introspection?

XIV. Looking into the future, which role do you feel communication will play globally in the arts, economics, politics, society, technology, overall?

XV. If you were asked to show an image, a symbol which, in your opinion, would best represents communication, what would it be?

XVI. And last but not least: What is your favourite song and why?

All You need is One listener!

Communication = Contact

Connecting Posted on 05 Dec, 2008 17:56

Coincidence does not exist

Instead, people, places and events intersected during my past, my present and I am certain they will, in the future.

At the beginning of 2008, Margot and I met again in a train. We used to go to school together by bus in the 80ties. Since then, we grew up separately.

We reconnected and started a dialogue on communication and what it means.

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I conducted a personal interview with Margot last month and she agreed to have it published on this Be Blog.

On One thing we definitely agree: We are Dancer